About Us

With its large AUM and small membership, Black Diamond Capital Investors maintains one of the highest capital-to-investor ratios of any student-run investment fund in the world. Black Diamond employs a broad array of strategies including Equity Long-Short, Equity Special Situations, Quant, and Global-Macro to construct a diversified portfolio that seeks relative outperformance of industry benchmarks. The fund retains a research-heavy focus that plays to the academic strengths of its membership.

  • For the aggregate academic years from Sep 1st through May 1st of '15, '16, and '17, the fund averaged returns of 18.7% annually, beating the S&P 500's average annual returns of 8.0% over the same period. On a risk-adjusted basis incorporating only downside deviation, the fun yielded a Sortino Ratio of 2.35, beating the S&P's average Sortino of 1.20 by 96% over the same period.

Alex Kaufman


Alex is a senior in Dunster House concentrating in Molecular and Cellular Biology with a secondary in Economics. He has held internships at Point72 Asset Management and RA Capital.

Will Cunningham

Chief Investment Officer

Will is a senior in Winthrop House concentrating in Statistics with a secondary in Economics. He has held internships at Peter J. Solomon Company and Westfield Capital Management.

John Beadle

Chief Operating Officer

John is a junior in Currier House concentrating in Government with a secondary in Economics. He serves as membership director of the Performance Based Building Coalition, and has also interned at John Laing Group.